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Below are a list of reports made available to the public by this agency.  To view or download a report, click the desired link shown to the right of the report.  All viewing, download and reporting options are set by the agency.
Downloadable Reports - (11 reports)
Annual Residential COs
total number of CO inspections
Case statistics
Cases by district
Compliance Times
This is an attempt to generate a report to get compliance times This gets you average time for Traci
Driveway Notice
Report generates active notices for driveway repair
Exterior Correction Notices (Lowes)
List of addresses where correction notices were sent for exterior violations last calendar month.
Monthly Minor violations report
Report of minor code violations for the previous month
No CO - No Permit
List of code enforcement cases where the case type was "No CO" or "Construction without a permit" were started in the previous month.
Rental CO's
Monthly list of Rental CO's issued.
Residential COs
List of residential certificate of occupancy issued last month
Substandard Properties
Monthly list of substandard properties