Permits and Inspections

3 engineers, 2 architects, 1 contractor, 5 subs, 4 reviewers and 3 inspectors in 14 different locations… organize that.

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License Registration

5,000 licensed contractors - and 5,000 renewals are due out in 2 days… good luck.

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Code Enforcement

50 inspections, 12 new complaints and 3 reports due… and it's only Monday.

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Lien Tracker

4 file cabinets, 16 drawers and 10,000 liens at 10% interest… how much is due?

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Public Works

It's 30 days before budget submittal… do you know where your money went?

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Online GIS

50 field inspections on properties with no addresses... and your GIS is where?

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Request Tracker

150,000 citizens, 7 council members, 12 departments and 200 employees… did I miss a call?

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Community Development & Government Software

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Client Testimonials

“We needed a product that was customizable yet full featured, and MyGov fit the bill. Customer Service is second to none with solutions, not fixes. We changed to MyGov in hopes to better manage 10,000 permits and 13,000 inspections a year. MyGov has far exceeded what we envisioned a software package could provide. MyGov is the solution!”
Bobby Teague - Building & Code Administrator, City of Wichita Falls
“It's made the job of Code Enforcement so much easier. It was like taking a Giant Leap forward for our department. It's made documenting, tracking, and reports almost fun! This software allows our small staff to handle many times the case load we could before. It's the best tool we've had in 20 years! It's great to have all that info at your fingertips!”
Debbie Corbell - Chief Code Enforcement Officer, City of Mount Pleasant, TX

“When shopping for a company to meet our needs for Code Enforcement and Building Inspection software, we looked at various companies with comparable software, and after seeing several demos we were very impressed with the ease of use and the flexibility of the MyGov system.

Upon use for 1½ years now we are still amazed at how easy this software is to use and what a great time savings and increase in productivity we have seen with MyGov. The staff has been wonderful to work with whenever we need to change forms or even to reprogram the software to fit our needs.

The MyGov software has made our department more streamlined and tracking of projects and violations is far more accurate and accessible.”

Scott Niece - Property Maintenance Manager, Ashland, KY

“MyGov is the best thing that’s happened to Duncanville’s code enforcement record keeping. The system is easy to access, and data entry is simple and quick. MyGov is readily adaptable to any sequence of actions ranging from a simple high grass notice to the state requirements regarding junked vehicles to the very complex process of demolition of substandard buildings.

The MyGov system has proven capable of providing up-to-date information for customers and City management, as well as serving as a repository for information on past offenses, trends, and of information that stands up as evidence in court cases.”

Tom Greco - Senior Code Enforcement Officer, City of Duncanville, TX

“I have been working in Building Inspections since 1998 and have used at least 4 other inspection software products in that time. MyGov is one of the best I have used. Not only is the software user friendly but staff is outstanding!

Inspections are now done in a timelier manner and I cannot tell you how much work time this software has saved me! I no longer maintain paper files since everything is at my fingertips. No more dreaded filing!

When we have a question or concern, they have always been addressed quickly. Our contractors like the “open book” style of the software.”

Beth Mireles - Administrative Assistant, City of Cibolo, TX