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Request a Permit - Key Items
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You have picked "Block Party Permit". To request this Permit type, complete all the information below, then click the "Next" button on the bottom of this page.
Key Items  
A non-refundable application fee of $10.00 will be collected.
This permit is usually valid for one day.
The City of Orlando Transportation Engineering Bureau will drop off the barricades the day of the event or on the previous workday. They will leave them at the designated address given below. It will be the responsibility of the association or group to put the barricades on and off the street at the designated times. The city will pick the barricades up on the next working day.
If you intend to have any amplifying equipment at this event, a Loudspeaker Permit must be obtained from the Orlando Police Department. The cost of the Loudspeaker Permit is $20.00. In accordance with City Ordinance, NO ALCOHOL will be permitted on city streets. ** (Maximum of 200 residents from immediate neighborhood allowed.)
This event will be closed to the general public and is open to a maximum of 200 residents of the immediate neighborhood. NO ADMISSION FEE MAY BE CHARGED. If you wish to charge admission to your event or conduct any commercial activity of any type, you must apply for a Special Event Permit (18A).