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5,000 licensed contractors - and 5,000 renewals
are due out in 2 days… good luck.

Wouldn't it be nice to click a button and get 5000 renewal letters? Better yet, what if all 5000 could renew online? Pay online? Update their own information or upload needed files like their insurance policy? What if they were automatically stopped from requesting permits or inspections because their policy expired?

Well, in our world, this happens every day. Join us and get a solution, not just software.

Top 5 Automations:

  1. 1. Online Applications

    Allow your contractors to request new licenses or renew old ones online. When applying, make contractors complete required fields, upload needed information or pay online.

  2. 2. Renewal Notices

    Create custom notice letters and / or emails and have them auto-generate a set number of days before or after the license expiration date.

  3. 3. License Check

    Automatically block permit and inspection requests based on the expiration of state licenses, local licenses, general liability or workers' compensation insurance.

  4. 4. License History

    See the entire license history from a single page including the original application and all renewals along with attached documents, such as insurance or state licenses.

  5. 5. Automated Workflow

    Auto-route new license and renewal requests to the appropriate users. Create custom steps to be completed, information to collect and fees to charge. Set warnings for steps taking too long, and auto-notify users with the "To Do" list or auto-email notifications.

Top 10 Key Features:

  • Online Applications
  • Workflow Management & To Do's
  • Automated Application Assignment
  • Automated Renewal Notices
  • Citizen / Contractor Interface
  • Continuous License Monitoring
  • License Validation / Stop Work
  • Transparent License History
  • Mail Labels
  • Custom License Documents


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