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50 field inspections on properties with no addresses… and your GIS is where?

If you work in the field, shouldn’t your GIS?
Mapping on the Go. Unleash your GIS to be as mobile as you are.

Top 5 Mobility Tools:

  1. 1. Find Me

    Instantly locate yourself on the map using "Find Me". Then, touch the map features around you to discover their attributes such as address, owner, meter size, etc.

  2. 2. Start Projects

    Start multiple projects simultaneously from the map. Simply select the desired parcels, then the type of project to create, such as code cases, permits, work-orders, etc.

  3. 3. Update Features

    Easily edit map features and their attributes. Work in the field using your favorite tablet as a data collection device.

  4. 4. Route Inspections

    Route your inspection list to show the "Fastest Route" or your desired "A to Z" route.

  5. 5. Share Map

    Flip the "Public View" switch and your GIS is instantly on the web for your citizens and clients to see. Easily hide layers that should not be public.

Top 10 Key Features:

  • Online GIS Mapping
  • Create Layers and Layer Styles
  • Create / Edit Features and Attributes
  • Import / Export Shapefiles
  • Permissions per Layer
  • In Field Data Collection
  • Selection Sets and Buffering
  • Auto-Generate Mail Labels
  • Google, Yahoo and Bing Maps
  • Tablet / Field Ready


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