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It's 30 days before budget submittal… do you know where your money went?

Complaints pouring in. Work orders pouring out. And now, your favorite councilman wants to know how many potholes you filled in his district. So, how many did you fill? How much did it cost? How much material did you use? Which crews did the work? Which workers? Which managers?

Your job is complex. Why not simplify it?

Top 5 Simplification Tools:

  1. 1. Online Complaints

    Link to our Citizen Interface where your clients can submit online requests. These requests auto-route and notify the appropriate users. Have the system auto-send a notification email to the citizen when the work is done.

  2. 2. Custom Work Orders

    Create custom work order types and groups, such as Streets, Sewer and Water. Collaborate on a single interface where key users have a transparent view of work orders and work loads, plus worker, material and equipment usage. Get auto-notices of jobs exceeding time or cost.

  3. 3. Mobile Work Orders

    Auto-assign users by work order type. Print paper work orders for each user or go paperless and take your laptop or touch-screen to the field.

  4. 4. Inventory Management

    Assign users to material types and auto-prompt them to order more at your desired threshold. Monitor the ordering system to check inventory and to make sure everybody is keeping up with their orders. Of course, if you like surprises, just back the truck up and discover you're out of asphalt. That's always fun.

  5. 5. Report and Export

    Answer key questions with the click of a button to generate meaningful reports. Track resource usage, which users are doing the most work, at what price, where you're spending your time and money, etc. You can always dump these reports into Excel for more analysis.

Top 10 Key Features:

  • Online Work Orders
  • Online Complaints
  • Automated Job Assignment
  • Automated Resource Assignment
  • Inventory Management
  • Time / Cost Warnings
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Quick Reports / Exports
  • Mobile Updates
  • Notices and "To Do's"


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