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150,000 citizens, 7 council members, 12 departments and 200 employees… did I miss a call?

You have Councilman Smith on hold. You know what he wants. He's calling about his five requests last week. So, how do you finish this…

  • A) I have no idea what is going on…
  • B) Pretend I'm in a meeting and hope he forgets…
  • C) Answer the call with confidence because I use Request Tracker. "Hello Councilman Smith…"

Top 5 Collaboration Tools:

  1. 1. Citizen / Client Interface

    Provide your citizens and clients an easy tool for submitting online requests. Create custom request types that match your needs.

  2. 2. Knowledge Base

    Allow your clients to search your knowledge base to answer common questions. The knowledge base has a full text editor and tools for creating links and uploading pictures and documents.

  3. 3. Request History

    Allow your clients to easily check request status and view a complete history of all prior requests. They can even add additional comments if needed.

  4. 4. Auto-Routing

    Auto-route requests to the appropriate personnel and let them reassign users as needed. You will see a complete history of all activity, and you and your client will know who to contact.

  5. 5. Due Dates / Warnings

    Set due dates and time limit warnings. Get automatic notifications for requests over their due date or their time limit.

Top 10 Key Features:

  • Create Custom Request Types
  • Citizen / Client Interface
  • Online Request Tools
  • Online Knowledge Base
  • Online Request History
  • Automatic Routing
  • Automatic "To Do's"
  • Due Dates / Warnings
  • Time Tracking
  • Transparent Accountability


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