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Permits and Inspections
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Affidavit for Homeowner / Maintenance Employee
These are required to be completed if a homeowner or maintenance employee is requesting to perform plumbing, electrical, mechanical or irrigation work.
Backflow Device Registration Form
Form for backflow device test results and registration of the device.
Building Permit Applications
Application forms for commercial and residential building permits. Use for general construction/remodel projects such as new construction, renovations, flatwork, roofs, accessory buildings, etc.
Certificate of Occupancy Applications
Commercial & Residential certificate of occupancy applications.
The Temporary CO is only for use during occupancy situations while under current permitting for construction/remodel.
Contractor Registration Form
Form to be completed for contractor license registration. This form does not need to be completed if on-line registration is used. General Contractors do not register in Farmers Branch, only Trades.
Fee Schedule
This is the current fee schedule for permits. Fees calculated on a sliding scale, depending upon the Construction Value.
- General permit fees are listed in the 1st fee scale on the page.
- Trades fees are listed in the 2nd fee scale on the page.
- A new Fee Schedule adopted by the City and in effect as of SEPT 1, 2017 includes a Deposit Fee and a Technology Fee.
Fence Permit Form
Form needed for fence permits.
Foundation Repair Permit Info and Forms
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