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Building Permit Application
Building Permit Application is needed for all permits submitted. This is a general permit application and not all fields will be necessary. Fill out as completely as possible to avoid any delays in getting your permit processed.
Garage Sale Regulations
Regulations for Garage Sales within the City of Hewitt.
Sec. 54-28. - General restrictions.
No person shall display for purposes of sale, offer to sell or sell used personal property to members of the general public, except under the following conditions:
(1)Display of property on premises of seller. All such used personal property so offered for sale shall be displayed to possible purchasers only on premises belonging to or under the control of the person offering such personal property for sale.
(2)Sale of new personal property. No new personal property, except art and handicraft items, may be so displayed, offered for sale or sold.
(3)Consignment of used personal property prohibited. No used personal property owned by others and consigned to the person offering such property for sale may be displayed, offered for sale or sold, except that any three persons, each of whom must be a resident of the city, may combine their property for sale at a single garage sale.
(4)Advertising. Sec. 58-6. - General provisions for all signs.
(b)Garage sale signs—Garage sale signs are prohibited within the street rights-of-way or adjacent to rights-of-way. One sign is allowed to be located on the premises having the permitted garage sale without an additional sign permit. It shall be unlawful for any person to post, fasten or display or so cause to be posted, fastened or displayed any garage sale sign on any structure, tree, pole, curb or elsewhere within the right-of-way of any public street or upon any public property within the city or upon any private property, real or personal or mixed, within the city without the express written permission of the owner thereof. With proper approval, a garage sale sign may be posted three days prior to the sale and must be removed within 24 hours after the close of the sale. There must be sign permits for each sign other than the one (1) initial authorized sign. No more than five signs may be posted for each sale, including any sign in the yard where the sale is being conducted.
(5)Duration of sale. No such used personal property shall be displayed, offered for sale or sold for any continuous period longer than 72 hours.
(6)Limitation on number of sales per year. No such personal property may be displayed, offered for sale or sold by the residents of any one house more than four times in one calendar year. A minimum of 30 days shall be required between sales at any location.
(7)Permit required. No person shall display, offer to sell or sell such personal property in the city without first procuring a permit from the city for each sale, at a cost of $10.00, at least 24 hours before the beginning of the display offering to sell or selling of such used personal property. The permit shall be posted upon the sale premises during the sale.
(8)Distances between sales. No permit shall be issued by the city to any person for the purpose of displaying, offering for sale or selling such used personal property, during the same time that another person on either side of the street within 300 feet has already been issued a permit for such a sale.
(9)Persons and sales excepted. The fee required in subsections (7), (8) of this section shall not apply to or affect those organizations or persons permitted as participants in any activity sponsored by the city and duly authorized committees of the city.

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