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Pit Bull Dog Information and Application
University City requires special licensing for Pit Bull Dogs, and Pit Bull Mixed Breed Dogs.The information here explains the steps that should be taken to obtain a license for such.
Plumbing Permits and Projects
University City issues plumbing permits. The City offers integrated permitting for comprehensive projects such as newly constructed buildings, additions and renovations. Integrated permits can be found in the Integrated Permit section. (See Sewer Later Repair Program for SLRP Applications)
Project Plan Transmittal
Transmittal used when transmitting hard-copy plans to the City Plans Examiner.
Property Owner/Manager Access and Registration
Property owners and managers can access their accounts online to schedule inspections, apply for projects, etc. They must register with MyGov for this to occur.
Rental Property Registration
All rental property owners are required to register all rental properties with the City. The initial registration fee is $30, and the annual renewal fee is $15. All owners (or designated representative) must live within 50 miles of their property(s).
Residential Occupancy Permit Application
The City of University City requires all residents to obtain occupancy permits upon moving to University City.
Right of Way Permits
Anyone needing to do work on or from the sidewalk to or into the street, a Right-of-Way Permit is needed.
Sewer Lateral Repair Program
University City has a Sewer Lateral Repair Program (SLRP).
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