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Permits and Inspections
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Fence / Pool Enclosure Permits
University City requires a permit when a pool enclosure or fence is erected. A permit is not required if less that 10 linear feet of fence is being replaced. All pool enclosures require a permit regardless of length.
Figuring Occupancy Loads
City of University City's formula for occupancy loads.
Fire Alarm/Suppression Permit App
The City of University City requires that all fire alarms, sprinkler systems, standpipes and suppression systems have permits and be inspected.
Fuel Tank Projects
Information pertaining to installation, removal or abandoning of liquid fuel tanks.
Habitable Room Requirements
City of University City rules on habitable room requirements.
Mechanical Permits and Projects
University City issues mechanical permits. The City offers integrated permitting for comprehensive projects such as newly constructed buildings, additions and renovations. Integrated permits can be found in the Integrated Permit section.
Occupancy Inspection Application
The City of University City requires all family units (Owner occupied and rental) to be inspected when a change of occupancy occurs.
Permit Termination Application
The City of University City allows contractors to request permit terminations.
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