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Below are a list of reports made available to the public by this agency.  To view or download a report, click the desired link shown to the right of the report.  All viewing, download and reporting options are set by the agency.
Downloadable Reports - (23 reports)
2017 Construction Report
Construction Permits and Valuations For HCAD
Building Valuations
Cash Drawer
Current Construction
Current Renovations
HCAD Permit Report
Monthly Permit information for HCAD
List of Contractors
The number of inspections for each category: Commercial/Multi-Family; New Buildings; additions; renovations; Manufactored/modular; other building related; other non building related; residential;
Inspector #1
All projects inspected by Inspector 1
Monthly Building Permits Issued
Permits issued each month for public information requests.
Monthly Public Information Request CEI
Monthly public information requests.
Monthly Report
Monthly Report
Montly Activity Report - Building
New Residential Construction
New residential construction projects
Permits - HVAC
All HVAC permits
Permits Requiring Inspections for Commercial/Multi-Family
Permits Requiring Inspections for Residential
Plan Reviews for Commercial/Multi-Family
Residential Housing Units 2013
The Office of Texas STate Demographer and Texas Population Estimates and Projections Program - collecting info about new residential housing units.
Square Footage - Permit Applications
Test Monthly Report
Texas State Data Center
Information is used to make annual population estimates of cities and counties in the state of Texas as required by state law.
Texas State Data Center
This information is used by the state to make annual population estimates of cities and counties.