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Below are a list of reports made available to the public by this agency.  To view or download a report, click the desired link shown to the right of the report.  All viewing, download and reporting options are set by the agency.
Downloadable Reports - (12 reports)
Impact Fees Collected
Impact fees collected
Assessing Report
Monthly Assessing Report
Impact Fee - Recreation
Recreation Impact fees collected
Permits Issued - Highland Lake Watershed
Permits Issued - Listing
This report lists the permits that have been issued by your agency within the past year.
Permits To Date Fiscal Year Summary
This is a summarized report of the permits issued as of July 1
Projects All
Public Works Drive Entrance and Street Opening Activity
This report summarizes activity in your agency by project type.
Report for Monthly Permitting Agencies
Generates a report for monthly reporting purposes.
Schedule Report
SFH count
SFH Permits
Listing of Single Family Home permits