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Below are a list of reports made available to the public by this agency.  To view or download a report, click the desired link shown to the right of the report.  All viewing, download and reporting options are set by the agency.
Downloadable Reports - (21 reports)
Department Operations
Yearly Totals
OCS Report
Results from OCS reports from other
Pharr Animal Shelter
Tire Shop Inspection
Work Orders Archived Daily Report
U-Detail on Project Work Order - WATER
Details on work orders, can read city or customer side. *Add Update Details+ to read updates
U-Excavation Permit Report
How many excavation permits were there in a certain period of time? With Details..
U-Fire Hydrants
How many and what fire hydrants were repaired within a certain period of time.
U-GIS Export - SEWER
Run this report for data to import into GIS for Sewer problems.
U-GIS Export - WATER
Run this report to get data to be imported into GIS for Water Leaks.
U-Inventory 2
U-Open Work Orders
Old pending work orders that need to be closed.
U-Relocate Meters
U-Sewer Complaints
Sewer Odor / Clog Complaints in certain period of time.
U-Side Reports - Sewer
U-Side Reports - Water
How many work orders were done on Stand-By during a certain period of time?
U-Water Loss Report
Run Water Loss Report
U-Zone Report
Work orders classified to include zone information
U-Zone Water
Water Work Orders with Zone Information
UTILITIES-Performance Measures
Activity Report by Project Type for Public Utilities