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Below are a list of reports made available to the public by this agency.  To view or download a report, click the desired link shown to the right of the report.  All viewing, download and reporting options are set by the agency.
Downloadable Reports - (24 reports)
Department Operations
Yearly Totals
OCS Report
Results from OCS reports from other
Pharr Animal Shelter
Storm Report
All calls that where done due to severe thunderstorm
Street Report 2019
All calls for potholes
Street Sweeper Monthly Report
Monthly report of streets sweept
Tire Shop Inspection
Work Orders Archived Daily Report
U-Detail on Project Work Order - WATER
Details on work orders, can read city or customer side. *Add Update Details+ to read updates
U-Excavation Permit Report
How many excavation permits were there in a certain period of time? With Details..
U-Fire Hydrants
How many and what fire hydrants were repaired within a certain period of time.
U-GIS Export - SEWER
Run this report for data to import into GIS for Sewer problems.
U-GIS Export - WATER
Run this report to get data to be imported into GIS for Water Leaks.
U-Inventory 2
U-Open Work Orders
Old pending work orders that need to be closed.
U-Relocate Meters
U-Sewer Complaints
Sewer Odor / Clog Complaints in certain period of time.
U-Side Reports - Sewer
U-Side Reports - Water
How many work orders were done on Stand-By during a certain period of time?
U-Water Loss Report
Run Water Loss Report
U-Zone Report
Work orders classified to include zone information
U-Zone Water
Water Work Orders with Zone Information
UTILITIES-Performance Measures
Activity Report by Project Type for Public Utilities