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Top 5 Reasons to Join MyGov

  1. Because your budget is shrinking, but not your workload. When you need to do more with less, it's time to automate.

  2. Because your IT Department is busy enough. Why saddle them with even more software, hardware, server maintenance, backups, etc? Give them a break and save yourself some money.

  3. Because your contractors also work nights and weekends. Give them online access to what they need. They'll be happy, and you'll save time.

  4. Because your citizens expect you to be just as modern as they are. When "modern" and "user-friendly" become important, we can help.

  5. Because you don't work from a single location. You are diverse, and you need a solution where everyone can collaborate no matter where they roam.

Overview: Key Features & Benefits

All our applications have a clean, intuitive interface that you and your clients will love.

Simple, yet powerful, these products keep you informed and on schedule, allowing everyone to participate.

Fully web-enabled, you do your work from anywhere at anytime.

You do your job; we take care of the rest. No technical expertise required.

Online Action Center

The Online Action Center is a simple, web-based client interface that allows your citizens, contractors and clients to easily interact with your agency. Your clients can use the Action Center to make requests or submit complaints, download relevant applications, forms and documents, get contact information and a directional map to your office location.

Your clients can also use the Action Center to view and download reports and even subscribe to an automated reporting system which auto-generates and auto-sends reports via email.

The Action Center is easy to administrate, giving you full control over what documents, forms, notes, files, pictures, reports, etc, to include.

Fee Estimator

The Fee Estimator is an intuitive, web interface that allows you and your clients to quickly estimate their fees.

After an estimation has been generated, the estimation can be instantly rerun for different scenarios or can be downloaded into a PDF, printed, emailed, etc.

For your clients, the estimate also shows your contact information and a link to view a directional map to your office.

Contractor Interface

This intuitive, web interface allows your contractor to participate in the entire process. The contractor can use the interface to request permits, inspections, pay fees, read review and inspection notes, check status, check licenses and even respond to your review and inspection notes.

The interface also includes a complete set of tracking tools, such as auto-email reminders, a complete "To Do" list, overview pages, filter and search tools.

Quick Search / Report

Quick filters are placed intuitively throughout the system for easy retrieval of information.

Or, you can use the simple "Report Builder" to quickly make custom reports. You can even schedule reports to auto-run and distribute by email.

Take this further and allow your clients to subscribe to your scheduled reports via your Online Action Center.

Plan Review Tools

The system's intuitive plan review tools auto-notify reviewers when work needs to be done via their "To Do" lists or by email.

The reviewer can attach notes, files, pictures, documents, etc, from a standard pick-list or on the fly. The system can auto-add notes if desired. Your clients can check status and reply to your notes.

You can track the amount of time each step is taking you and your client. If someone is taking too long, you can have the system warn you. You can also delay or hold a review, or require an item on a later step, such as during a future inspection

Inspection Tools

The system's intuitive inspection tools auto-notify inspectors when work needs to be done via their "To Do" lists or by email.

The inspector can attach notes, files, pictures, documents, etc, from a standard pick-list or on the fly. The system can auto-add notes if desired. Using the Contractor Interface, your clients can check status and reply to your notes.

You can track the amount of time each step is taking you and your client. If someone is taking too long, you can have the system warn you. You can also hold inspections or require inspections to be requested in groups, such as "Rough-Ins".

Parcel / Address Manager

The system includes a fully integrated Parcel Manager. The Parcel Manager keeps track of parcel, legal, address, owner and tenant information. Additional information fields can be added at-will.

This information is shared between applications, so you do not have to enter information twice. You can also require or hide any related field for each project / permit type.

You can integrate this information with your GIS or other system, use your existing information to populate the manager, and use the information in your reports, as data fields, or filters.

Fee Setup & Assessment

The system includes fee setup and assessment tools. These tools allow you to specify fee types, calculations, fee groups and account codes for connecting with your financial system.

Typical fee calculation methods include charges based on valuation, square feet, unit rates, fees by value ranges, flat rates, fees based on other fees, and more.

You can create fees to cover violation, license and permit fees as well as review, meter and impact fees, etc. You can also allow your clients to pay their fees online.

Online Payments

These secure transactions allow you to accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit payments from your clients.

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Notes & Pick-Lists

You can easily add notes to projects, cases, inspections, reviews and even your "Online Action Center". With each note you can add any file type, such as Word, Excel, PDF, movie clips or voice messages.

You can also add as many pictures as you like. Pictures will initially display as thumbnails then expand when clicked.

You can group notes, create standard notes to use as pick-lists, group standard notes and even have the system auto-add notes to a particular project or step in a project.

You can use notes to require items from your client and even place the requirement on a later step. Your client can read your notes, respond and send you needed documents, files, pictures, etc.

Mobile Device Capabilities

The system can be utilized with any mobile device that has the ability to run a web-browser and has access to the Internet, such as PDAs, laptops and smartphones. The permit system includes a mobile inspection interface specific for smartphones.

Use the mobility features to work from anywhere - from home, at the office, or on the job site, etc. The mobility features extend to your contractor, so they can also work directly with you no matter where they are located.

Other Integrations

The system design and powerful, open, back-end database allows integration on various levels. Typical integration includes sharing parcel information with your GIS and receipt information with your accounting software.

The system includes a built-in data export tool for integrating with most accounting software packages.

Online GISOnline GIS

Data Archiving / Protection

The system stores all of the information collected about a project, including notes, pictures, attached documents, reviews, inspections, certificate of occupancies, etc.

Using the system, you can easily lookup, filter and view historic projects with all related information. When searching or reporting, the integration between active and archived projects remains seamless.

Read more about data security

Kiosk Capabilities

The system includes an interface for your citizens, called the "Online Action Center", and one for your contractors, called the "Contractor Interface".

Both of these interfaces are browser-based and can be run in "kiosk mode" which locks down the browser and only allows limited access based on the selected views.

This allows you to setup a computer kiosk for your clients to access their related interfaces from any location that has Internet access.

Integrating Outside Users

The system allows the full integration of outside users, such as third-party inspectors, plan review services, engineering firms, etc.

To integrate an outside user, simply associate the user with a particular step in your process. The outside user then has the ability to interact with the system according to the permissions granted.

Outside users can result inspections, complete a review, attach notes, pictures, documents and forms, require additional items, create standard notes, etc.

The work done by an outside user is viewed by internal users as soon as the work is saved.